Design Automation Committee
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ASME Design Automation Committee

The Design Automation Committee within ASME has one primary function and that is to promote research and the dissemination of knowledge in the areas identified as dealing with Design Automation. These areas include:

  • Theoretical and applied optimal design,
  • Artificial intelligence and knowledge based systems in design,
  • Concurrent design,
  • Design for manufacture,
  • Mechanical and structural design optimization,
  • Mechanical system simulation and analyses,
  • Design issues in mechanical systems simulation,
  • Decomposition methods in design and optimization,
  • Finite element applications in design and optimization,
  • Robust design and life-cycle issues,
  • Geometric modeling,
  • Computational geometry and computer graphics
  • Parametric and variational geometry,
  • Feature based design,
  • Object-oriented design and analysis,
  • Tolerance analysis and synthesis,
  • Layered manufacturing,
  • Virtual reality in design,
  • Web-based design, and
  • Industrial examples, developments and perspectives.

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