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Computational Design Lab

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The CDL research activities are in the area of Computational Design and Synthesis of Mechanical Systems. In particular, our research focuses on the development of new engineering models, representations, algorithms, and design semantics to enable systematic, and efficient design, analysis and manufacturing of engineering artifacts.

PI: Horea Ilies

Some of Our Current Projects
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A Universal Framework for Geometric Information in Product Development

Maximal Ball Disjoint Decompositions discretize a given shape in s unique and complete decomposition of maximal spheres. This geometric representation has broad applications in downstream engineering applications.

Optimization of Complex Systems

Simultaneous Packaging and Routing of Complex Interconnected Systems. Independently, each problem is known to be NP-hard. Solving the combined problem is a particularly interesting and challenging task.

Manufacturability Search

FINDFabs: Searching The Universe of Manufactured Parts. Identifying potential manufacturers of existing designs by scanning the distributed information of geometric models using manufacturing-specific similarity metrics.

Nano Machines

Systematic Design, Analysis and Control of Manufacturable Nano Machines. Discover, design, and synthesize robotic molecular agents whose motion is predictable and controllable.


April, 2024

New Nano Today paper on synthesizing controllable cyclic peptides as novel biomaterials

March, 2024

Book chapter on exploring the role of robot kinematics in bio-nanotechnology to appear, with K. Kazerounian

February, 2024

Our CAD paper on improving connectedness of ML predictions is out.

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