Current Research Projects

How to join us:

There are multiple opportunities for graduate research projects in the general area of computational mechanical design, with a bias toward fundamental aspects, both theoretical and computational.

Research assistantships may be available to exceptional graduate students who have the potential to excel beyond their undergraduate education. Our research is focused on the theoretical aspects of computational design. For this reason, a successful graduate student in this area must have

    • a firm background in mathematics and engineering;
    • strong computer programming skills, and familiarity with at least one high level programming language;
    • outstanding communication skills; and
    • a motivating curiosity to understand how things work, state the principles formally, and then prove them :-)

Desired Qualifications: previous research experience, advanced mathematics, and familiarity with geometric modeling.

Contact: Prof. Horea Ilies.


Current Projects:

Systematic Design, Analysis and Control of Manufacturable Nano Machines NSF Grant: #1635103

Interactive Haptic Assembly and Docking for 3D Shapes NSF Grant: #1526249

Theoretical Foundations and Algorithms for Geometric Interfaceability in Virtual Product Development NSF Grant: #1462759

Past Projects:

Medial Zones: Foundations and Engineering Applications NSF Grant: #1200089

Geometric Skeletons for Topologically Evolving Domains NSF Grant: #0927105

MRI: Gesture Based Virtual Reality System for Research in Virtual Worlds, NSF-CNS #0923158

A Mechanics Framework for the Analysis and Design of Protein Based Nano Machines, NSF SGER #0733107, NSF CMMI-0856401

CAREER: Geometric Singularities in Engineering Design and Manufacturing NSF Grant: #0644769

COGEM: Constrained Geometric Morphing of Product Families in Mechanical Design, NSF Grant: #0555937


Prof. Horea Ilies

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Connecticut
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