Lab Members

Our Lab was set up in the Spring of 2005, and currently consists of:


Horea Ilies

Graduate Students:

Mehdi Behzadi, PhD student

Jiangce Chen, PhD student

Meysam T Chorsi, PhD student, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Radu Corcodel, PhD student

Arun Malla, MS student (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Sam Soifer, MS student

Winson Ye, undergraduate student

Bei Zhou, PhD student

Lab Alumni:

Reed Williams, PhD, 2017, currently at Siemens.

Morad Behandish, PhD, 2016; currently at PARC.

Pouya Tavousi, PhD 2016, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian) ; UConn School of Pharmacy.

Frol Periverzov, PhD, 2016; currently at ABB Research.

Weiling Li, MS 2016.

Xiaojun Zhao, MS, 2015; United Technoilogy Research Center.

Denis Dorozhkin (postdoc), now at Georgia Tech.

William Pratt, undergraduate student 2013, now at Pratt and Whitney.

Hima Khoshreza, MS 2013, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian); GE.

Ata Eftekharian, PhD 2011, UT Austin.

Zahra Shahbazi, PhD 2011, Assistant Professor, Manhattan College.

Nier Wu , PhD 2011.

Huseyin Erdim, PhD June 2009; Boeing.

Kail Frank, MS June 2009; IDSIA Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence, Lugano, Switzerland.

Matthew Kozacheck, EO Smith High School, Storrs CT, summer 2006.

Jesse Parker, MS 2007, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Peter Bohnenkamp, MS 2007, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)


Prof. Horea Ilies

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Connecticut
191 Auditorium Avenue
Storrs, CT 06269
email: horea.ilies at