Lab Members

Our Lab was set up in the Spring of 2005, and currently consists of:


Horea Ilies

Graduate Students:

Mehdi Behzadi, PhD student

Jiangce Chen, PhD student

Meysam T Chorsi, PhD student, co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Caitlyn Mundrane, MS student, co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Bei Zhou, PhD student

Lab Alumni:

Radu Corcodel, PhD 2019, currently at Mitsubishi Electric Research Labs.

Arun Malla, MS 2019 (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian), now PhD student at Virgina Tech.

Sam Soifer, MS 2019.

Winson Ye, CS undergraduate student researcher, 2019. Now, PhD student in CS at College of Williams and Mary.

Reed Williams, PhD, 2017, currently at Siemens.

Morad Behandish, PhD, 2016; currently at PARC.

Pouya Tavousi, PhD 2016, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian) ; Assistant Professor at Central Connecticut State University.

Frol Periverzov, PhD, 2016; currently at ABB Research.

Weiling Li, MS 2016.

Xiaojun Zhao MS, 2015; Facebook.

Denis Dorozhkin (postdoc), now at Georgia Tech.

William Pratt, undergraduate student 2013, now at Pratt and Whitney.

Hima Khoshreza, MS 2013, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian); General Electric.

Ata Eftekharian, PhD 2011, UT Austin.

Zahra Shahbazi, PhD 2011, Associate Professor, Manhattan College.

Nier Wu , PhD 2011.

Huseyin Erdim, PhD June 2009; Boeing.

Kail Frank, MS June 2009; Sensormate AG, Switzerland.

Matthew Kozacheck, EO Smith High School, Storrs CT, summer 2006.

Jesse Parker, MS 2007, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)

Peter Bohnenkamp, MS 2007, (co-advised with Prof. K. Kazerounian)


Prof. Horea Ilies

Department of Mechanical Engineering
The University of Connecticut
191 Auditorium Avenue
Storrs, CT 06269
email: horea.ilies at